Your best choice in frozen seafood & snack

Top quality fish products In our modern production facilities, we process fish from all over the world. We work in accordance with the European quality standards (IFS/BRC/HACCP). Our current processing capacity enables us to provide domestic and foreign customers with fish products for wholesale and consumer markets. We ensure the delivery of the right product at the right time. We can package all your fish products for food service and food retail under your own private label. For food service, we offer packages of 3 kg – 5 kg – 7.5 kg & 10 kg cardboard boxes. For food retail, we can pack plastic bags as well as small boxes, ranging from 200 g to 2 kg! Flexibility is a valuable tool when working with our clients. We can quickly and easily modify our production to all of our clients’ needs, especially with new challenges, which allows us to develop new possibilities. We work closely with all our clients and therefore, we discover all options they have at their disposal. Our fish products can be found, among other places, in wholesalers and supermarkets in Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Austria.


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